Web Accessibility Standards

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Jens Pelzetter

Plonetagung 2020, Dresden 9. bis 11. März 2020

Beispiel: Button has accessible name


This rule checks that each button element has an accessible name.


The rule applies to elements that are included in the accessibility tree and have a semantic role of button, except for input elements whose type attribute is in the Image Button state.

Note: input elements have a type attribute in the Image button state if it is set to any case-insensitive match of image (most of the time, using <input type="image">).


Each target element has an accessible name that is not empty ("").

Note: input elements of type submit and reset can get their accessible name from a default text, as well as from a value or other attribute.

Note: Testing that the accessible name is descriptive is not part of this rule and must be tested separately.